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Trillbit can connect them all to build the 'Internet of Sound'.

Our technology essentially transforms any speaker and mic into a data transfer device. We encode a layer of data on top existing sounds and any device with a speaker turns into a data transmitter. The data layer is inaudible so nothing changes for you but your smartphone starts sensing and capturing this data. The fact that it does not need any special hardware makes it powerful and universal.



Provides smart recommendations based on user preferences and location proximity.

Broadcast & Second Screen

Enhance Second-Screen experience by adding interactive features to TV & Radio broadcast.

Live Events & Venues

Engage thousands of people at once even at large venues.

User Authentication

Make check-in and login faster, easier and more secure.

Secure Payments

Transform any mobile phone into a secure e-wallet for wireless payments.

Smart City & IOT

Make devices around us smarter and interconnected.

No extra hardware




Infrastructure needed for our technology are speakers, which are already in place, and all around us. We are scalable, cross-platform and zero deployment cost solution.





News And Press Release

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    TrillBit uses existing speaker hardware to create data transfer devices by encoding a data layer onto existing sounds

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    Yes, it is possible and Trillbit has developed the technology to utilise sound waves to broadcast advertisement and transfer other content.